World Cup illustrations loaded with vibrant playfulness

World Cup fever is at an all time high right now. England have unbelievably won 6-1 and they look like a team at last. The mood of a nation is rocketing and the beautiful game is actually being represented in the right way, unless you’re Panamanian that is. So when we decided to start scrolling through Instagram after the second half boredom syndrome kicked in, we were rewarded by not more goals but an illustrator that knocked our knickers off.

Ben Foxall is a young creative who is dropping beautiful, illustrative bombs. His series of World Cup portraits are both vivid and fluid, a playful nature ties them all together and features iconic names including Neymar, Ronaldo, Kane and Lingard, the England names are also highly relevant after they both netted incredible goal bulgers.

We think you should check out Ben’s social media profiles and dive in deep as there will be much more to come from this insanely talented creative. We will also be stocking his work in our store soon so keep checking back, subscribe and bookmark us for the best creativity.

Visit Ben Foxall on Instagram and see more awesome work.

Photography © Ben Foxall


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