Will Work for Change helps the Women’s Foundation promote equity and opportunity

Our content and subsequently our audience has grown immeasurable in recent times. The creative community and like-minded tribe are found in all corners of the globe allowing us to source and share work that is simply incredible. From across the UK and Europe to the United States and Asia, we have begun collaborating and consuming innovative and inspirational creativity from individuals that are driven by the desire to create ground-breaking and challenging ideas.

The Design Ranch, based in Kansas City, America are one such organisation. Their back catalogue is loaded with sensational creativity centered around graphic design, brand identity, print and digital solutions for forward-thinking businesses that foster the power of visual art. Throughout all of their work one project stood head and shoulders above all else.

The Women’s Foundation promotes equity and opportunity
 for women and girls, using philanthropy, research and
 policy solutions to make meaningful change. With new leadership came the desire for a much needed new brand. The clients direction and request was strong… “Help us spread the word by building an elevated, sophisticated brand that will gain national recognition and support.” Inspired by the recent research that women earn cents on a man’s dollar, the Design Ranch created the tagline “Will Work for Change” to get the controversial conversation started. Powerful portrait photography backed by factual graphics make the new brand impossible to ignore.

View more visuals from this project on the Design Ranch website here.

Photography © Design Ranch.

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