We spend an evening with the recently named essential artists of 2019, FEET

Recently named as NME’s top 100 essential new artists for 2019, FEET are one of the bands to look out for this year. The Coventry made band signed to YALA records, also known for signing other indie bands such as The Magic Gang and Yak, in 2017, the label that was launched by Felix White of The Maccabees. The boys formed FEET whilst studying at Coventry University, and since finishing their degrees, Catch, Rains, Jeep, Oli and Ben have been working hard, recording their album and touring. Their most recent release ‘English Weather’ is an absolute bop, which NME describes as having similarities to “Blur’s ‘The Great Escape’ or Pulp‘s ‘Different Class” with “post-punk energy”.

The guys had just finished recording their debut album and of course it was only appropriate to throw a small party in their rented Airbnb flat in London, before having to be checked out by 11am (RIP). We used this moment to create the feature ‘A evening with FEET’ to showcase the band and promote their upcoming shows and album.

The night kicked off with being greeted by a wave of funky shirts worn by Rains and Jeep, listening to a playlist that was comprised of the likes of King Gizz and Confidence Man in which Harry was in charge of and Oli throwing a chair across the living room for no particular reason. Conversations around what gigs were happening nearby and how “peng” the Linda McCartney sausages, quickly turned into rambling about how freeing Rains felt shaving all his hair off after Jeep accidentally gave him an Edna Mode-style haircut. The phrase “I don’t wank, I get wanked” was also thrown around by a fellow friend of the band, before landing his head in the toilet for about 2 hours after playing a drinking game.

It’s always a necessity to play Death with the gang from Coventry – a drinking game that almost always causes some sort of alcohol poisoning for at least one person in the group. 10 of us were crammed around a tiny Ikea table playing the game whilst Rains and Harry demolished a bowl of mac and cheese. After a numerous amount of Carling, a bottle of Buckfast and a few shots of vodka, the game killed the majority of people off, resulting in people throwing up in the toilet and off the tiny balcony that overlooked a school AstroTurf. (check out FEET TV on youtube for a true representation of the antics the boys get up to when both sober and drunk).

The guys mentioned that they had started their own record label, Clapped Records, in which they will be releasing their first album from. “We couldn’t really sort the right deal for us with conventional labels, so opted to start our own. Besides actually using it to facilitate the album release, it’s a wonderful excuse to get hands on with some business cards, an absolute must for the 5 of us.” They then went on to mention that “this desire was then further elevated after watching the film American Psycho (the business cards that is, rather than the fetishising of murdering friends and foes).” When talking about what the future holds for FEET and Clapped Records, Oli said “We’re already way ahead of ourselves when it comes to the possibility of signing new bands to the label, to the point where that’s actually the basis of more conversations than any releases of our own, I guess you could say we have a collectively short attention span.”

Catch the guys and get involved with their antics on tour in March. They’ll be returning to Coventry on 8th March at the Tin, as well as in Birmingham at The Bristol Pear on the 9th March. Failing that, they’ve also been announced for Boardmasters Festival in August with more festival dates to come. Keep an eye out on Twitter and Instagram for news and info on new releases and their up and coming Album.

Written and photographed by Tia Bryant.


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