Two Day Coma release their debut track Shudder after building loyal fan base in Bristol

Two Day Coma hail from Bristol, where they have been building an audience with their confessional songwriting, delicate harmonies and deep instrumentation. Their songs float between stripped-back intimacy and sweeping, memorable refrains, all with a taste for the cinematic. The band are now ready to launch their debut single, Shudder, on January 11th.

Building from the shaky drone of a single note, Shudder is a gorgeous and bittersweet anthem-in-waiting, with an exquisite melody and wonderful vocal harmonies. Waves of guitars build as it becomes an irresistible pop song. Front man Tom said: “Shudder is a song about frustration. The lyrics grapple with an inability to understand another person’s point of view. We try our best to interpret people’s feelings but can sometimes miss the mark. Shudder reflects on how missing these messages can lead to discontentment.”

Listen to Shudder here or follow Two Day Coma on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

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