The emerging music of inspiring creative Tim O’Connor

We continue to discover and talk to the freshest creatives in our Q&A sessions and this time we’ve got a beauty. Tim O’Connor has recently released the E.P, Promotional Material, and the track, My Name Is Fire, reminds us of a young Beck crossed with The Super Furries. Have a read then take a listen!

Hi Tim, great to speak to you. We’ve loved listening to your music, tell us about what first set you off on this musical journey?
That depends how far back you want to go. I remember being four years old and singing this song called ‘Yellow Submarine’ at a nursery talent show in front of all the parents. I wouldn’t have even known what a Beatle was at the time, but I was desperate to sing it when no one else wanted to. I had to wait another 15 years before I joined a band though!

We love how your music mixes smooth and delicate acoustic with some throwbacks to a 90’s alternative sound. Who would you say are your main musical influences?
I’m in danger of showing my age here aren’t I? I first got into music in the 90s and worked my way back. The Beatles have always been a huge influence, nobody matches them and Bowie in terms of being both accessible and experimental at exactly the same time. Influence is a funny thing though; I would kill to play like Johnny Marr or sing like Jeff Buckley, but if it didn’t sound like me then what would be the point?

Your lyrical content is also very interesting. What subjects most inspire you to write?
Love inspires me, my wife and kid inspire me, definitely. My day job involves supporting young people with Autism and/or speech and language difficulties so I’m very interested in communication too. My lyrics aren’t overtly political or anything, but the way things are in the world right now – it would be impossible for that not to seep in there.

Your EP “Promotional Material” offers us a great taster of your music. Is there a full album in the works we can sink our teeth into soon?
Yes, hopefully soon. I’ve been working on an album but it has to fit around a full-time time job and a family so recording has been a bit fitful. I want to get something up on Bandcamp by the end of the year though, I feel like the album is inside me ready to burst out.

You’ve been plying your trade around London. How good is that scene for up and coming musicians?
I’m sure if your face fits then it’s great. If I’m honest I feel a bit out of the loop – I had a few years when I wasn’t gigging ‘cos I was helping raise my daughter. Now I’m playing again but it seems there are less venues then there used to be, but maybe I’m not looking in the right places.
The best reception I’ve had recently was playing The Cavern in Liverpool, so I’m keen to play out of London again.

What’s your summer gig schedule looking like?
There isn’t one! I’ll be hunkered down in the studio, finally getting this album done. My next gig is in September at The Stag’s Head in Hoxton with a new band called The Pale Hips, but it’s a strictly invite-only affair!

And finally what new music is currently on repeat in your headphones?
I always think I’m not that sold on new music but in the last year I’ve been partial to Isaac Gracie, Hinds, Shame and Goat Girl. I also like the new Johnny Marr and Django Django albums.

Visit Tim on BandCamp to listen to My Name Is Fire and to purchase Promotional Material.

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