The sensationally bold world of designer, artist and illustrator Julie Bouchet

When searching for new creatives, projects and products to share we explore stacks of resources from social media to exhibitions and end of year shows to magazines that cover all spectrums of visual creativity. Every now and then we get wind of work that’s being produced that we must check out and this is one such occasion.

One of our extended network sent us a tip off (a little brown envelope stuffed with emerging artists) and all directions pointed to a graphic designer and illustrator called Julie Bouchet. What we found was a portfolio loaded with bold, brave ideas. A collection of approaches and creative processes including vivid collages, architectural canvases and raw prints that are beautifully confident and honest.

Julie Bouchet is a creative that is guaranteed to develop and we cannot wait to see the results of her growing ability. Check our her Instagram feed here for more awesome work.


Images © Julie Bouchet.

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