The rich, fluid and stimulating world of illustrator, Agnes Ricart

Paul Rand famously said: “The world is more familiar with bad design than good design” and we couldn’t agree more. For years we’ve been subjected to corporate nonsense that’s driven by non-inspiring brief writers but now, due to the power of social media, we are awash with vibrant colour and gorgeously unique artwork.

Designers, illustrators and alternative medium makers are loading our social media feeds with incredible, visual treats and we are soaking up every single one of them. These platforms, especially Instagram and Pinterest are providing image driven banks of work that is more like a traditional portfolio than a way of communicating but so what, it’s giving us access to global design that’s truly inspiring.

Agnes Ricart is one such creative. This Spanish illustrator and visual artist has featured in some stellar publications due to her fluid digital and traditional printed work. The subject matters are wide but the style remains constant, a beautiful blend of rich tones and captivating processes provide us as the viewer a stimulating experience. We cannot wait to see what comes from Agnes in future but we are sure it will be truly awesome.

Images © Agnes Ricart

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