Collins re-imagines The Exploratorium’s adult-only, After Dark series

The Exploratorium, which is found San Francisco, is a public learning laboratory which explores the world through science, art, and human perception. This lab provides a mixed range of multi-disciplinary events, exhibitions and workshops for the young and old to dive in to. However, their After Dark series really took our eye and creative agency, Collins, were approached to re-imagine the adults-only, Thursday night sessions.

Drawing from research in The Exploratorium’s remarkable archives, the new campaign leverages ideas of altered perception through Op-Art influences and thought-provoking language. It speaks to the immersive, transformative experience After Dark provides, and the independent, critical thought it inspires. Blending mono colour schemes and distorted visuals, Collins have delivered a world of imagination that makes us simply want to get involved and jump right in to a new brand of subculture and creative imagination.

Visit the Collins website here for more incredible projects and further information.

Photography © Collins.

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