The experimental, immersive and creative world of exceptional designer Baker W

Here at Native we are huge admirers of all creativity but some genres and canvas-types appeal more than others. We adore illustration and branding as well as digital concepts but there’s one that floats our boat more than any other – poster design. This art-form holds a magical mystique that’s captivated us for years, the traditional canvas size(s) is the only constant in our search for new makers who are creating mind-blowing ideas and Kentucky based creative Baker W is our latest ‘find’.

As a church worker, Baker believes that design shouldn’t just be seen but experienced and his work echoes that sentiment. His use of brave typography and haunting visuals combine to create beautiful pieces of unique artwork. Loaded with eye captivating content and a throat grabbing presence, Baker is a designer that is simply on fire. His work is one we return to time and time again. It’s simplicity is its greatest asset. To produce work of this nature you must have a confidence in the craft and Baker rightly so has that.


Image credit: Baker W.

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