The engaging and immersive creativity of multi-disciplinary creative Darren Shaddick

The line between graphic design, printed media, illustrative visuals and digital content is usually extremely clear but sometimes we spot a creative that’s challenging the boundaries of traditional art-forms and producing exceptionally strong, multi-disciplinary ideas that cross multiple fields.

One such creative is Darren Shaddick, a designer with a distinctive approach that’s both engaging and immersive. Darren’s work is inspired by a wide-range of techniques including observational drawing, storytelling and poster design. Many pieces include a playful narrative that’s focused on modern life featuring satirical notes that compliment the direct, bold approach Darren employs.

This is the work of a confident creative, someone that adores experimentation and expression. We believe Darren will be creating iconic works that will stand the test of time and provide us with a new perspective on creativity throughout his career. See more work on Darren’s website here or by visiting his Instagram here.

Image credit: Darren Shaddick.

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