The Creators of Tomorrow – Edition #2 – Rhys Grail

There isn’t anywhere we won’t look for awesome new creatives. When we aren’t scoping out cities, studios and exhibitions we are flicking through Instagram appreciating the abundance of god dam beautiful work. However, as our bio says, we are always looking for contributors to hit us up and this week we were super chuffed when BCU photographer, Rhys Grail did just that!

As a young, ambitious photographer Rhys Grail is producing a whole range of experimental works, all of which we find totally brilliant. His profile includes incredibly candid portraits, manipulated collages and distorted artworks which illustrate how much this creative is embracing, challenging and driving his future forward.

However, these visuals portray another side to Rhy’s work. Designed as a zine, this series called YAS focuses on fashion and personality, using clothing to mirror the models individuality. The concept revolves around providing a physical product, in this case a magazine, which in-turn reflects the nature of celebrity and how it feels to be in the spotlight, if only for a day.

Rhys has also created another collection in the series called CAG, this will be something we will share in future. It has a completely different tone but the message is the same and we can see this concept becoming part of a wider project that organically grows potentially based on seasons, trends and models. Wherever Rhys takes this project and other future works we guarantee that as a creative his will continue to push his limits and those of the industry we adore.

Image credit: Rhys Grail.

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