Liverpool band The Cheap Thrills have dropped Codependence

We continue our independent music, interview series chatting to Liverpool’s own The Cheap Thrills. This lot are absolutely smashing it at the moment! check out the interview below along with the video for their newest banger Codependence.

Hey lads how’s it going? Youve been touring all over the place recently how’s that been? Is this the biggest tour you’ve done as a band so far?
Whats happening. We are very good. The spring tour was sick. It was our first time in a few places like northampton and brighton and we loved it. It was also the first string of dates we have done with our new management and booking agent which was cool, so theres a lot of postives to take from it.

We love exploring creativity and culture at Native. You’ve been playing up and down the country where’s been your favourite place you’ve visited on your travels?
Toughy but id go for brighton. None of us had been there before and it just took us all by surprise. The gig was great (my personal favourite from the whole tour, we met loads of sick people,and drank fortified jamaican wine. its was like southport without the pensioners!

Your new single “Codependence” is an absolute belter! It sounds like you’ve been merging in some psych elements into your sound recently. Where have they come from?
Yeah. Weve actually been trying to incorporate this shit for a while, but with these new songs at the moment we’re finding it easier for them to sound how we want them to. The inspiration comes mostly from Australian bands but we know deep down were a pop group who employ some phychy noises. The real inspo comes from having our own studio now to mess about in;24 hour access to fart about- imagine.

I also love all the recent artwork and poster designs you’ve been throwing out. Who’s been behind them?
Anton Eager our drummer and head honcho. Hes a wizard at whatever he puts his marbles to and most recently its design. Hes freelancing aswell now so drop him a message so his skills can pay his bills.

What’s the song writing process like for you guys?
Its different song to song which is a crap answer for an interview but it genuinely does. Sometimes ill take an acoustic idea in and two hours later its a full song . Other times we have songs that we jam and its a matter of adding the hooks. The varied approach to the somgwriting is working at the minute, and it means all four of us have equal say in what each tune is like.

So after this single What’s next on The Cheap Thrills horizon? Is there an album I’m the works?
Were working very hard in our new gaff, late nights early mornings. Album one is on some sort of horizon although probably not this year. But in short yes, thats what were upto last year we built a studio this year were building a debut full of rammers.

You can check out the new single here. Visit The Cheap Thrills on Facebook for their latest tracks and dates.

Photography © Tom Godwin.


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