The beautiful world of vibrant, fluid and iconic creativity from Evelin Toledano

Evelin Toledano is a Swedish-born and Spanish-raised Graphic Designer and Illustrator who is currently working from the beautifully captivating city of Sydney in Australia. Evelin began her creative career in Barcelona where she co-founded, La Casa de Carlota, a studio that collaborates with down-syndrome artists.

Evelin’s work is a gorgeous blend of geometric shapes, vibrant colours and scenes that feature her global travel. Iconic architecture, symboling visuals and fluid contrasts fill each canvas. After her Spanish exploits she then moved to London and began working for The Partners creating a multitude of projects for a huge celebration of global clients and smaller organisations.

Her next move was a recent leap to Australia where she now works as a freelance designer and illustrator. Go check out her website at for more information, the latest work and to purchase her beautiful prints.

Images © Evelin Toledano.

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