Founded in 2016, Surfaces is a design studio that can be found in the beautiful city of Lille in Northern France. Conceived and driven by Jane Secret and Nicolas Millot, Surfaces is a multidisciplinary agency that uses the founders passion for contemporary design to challenge traditions and push the boundaries of their art. Both Jane and Nicolas are inspired by their

Multi-Disciplinary design studios are now commonplace. They service elite brands that dominate their respective marketplaces via a collective team of specialist creatives. However, it's rare to find someone that's able to proudly celebrate their ability to cross specialties, let alone do them to the highest of standards. So, when we spotted Australian creative, Jason Wood, we knew we'd found just that.

We frequently talk about the need to challenge traditions and the importance of standing toe-to-toe with the status quo in order to provide an alternative way forward. We believe that creativity is the only way to do this and by visually reflecting this ethos we know that change, improvement and opportunity awaits. However, to make this happen creatives need to

We are having a blast searching the world for insanely talented creatives. From the bold graphics of America to the emerging street-art scene of Asia, we are continually inspired by the work of those who are following their hearts and creating influential ideas. So, when we came across Zeka Design, a Valencia based graphic designer we were blown away by

Bardo Industries is the design practice of Laura Giraudo. As an independent multi-disciplinary design studio based in Brooklyn, New York, their approach is built on conceptual thinking, research and collaboration in order to develop clear, trans-formative and interactive brand experiences across multiple platforms. The following project is a stunning visual identity for Industry City Studios who opened their doors to the public for Open

Like so many designers, we believe that typography forms a huge part in the success of any graphic and brand-led project. The perfect selection can make or break the visual impact of your work and give the organisation you are representing a fresh method of communication that cuts through the rowdy world of online and printed content. However, this is sometimes