Starting in 2017, the first Print Stuff fair brought together a host of creatives from multiple genres including illustration, photography, textiles and printmaking. Celebrating the industry we adore, Print Stuff championed independent makers and doers, giving them a platform to connect with the like-minded and a welcome opportunity to raise awareness of their work. Print Stuff is now back for

Rocky Balboa is the Philadelphian icon who took on the world and won. The original “Italian Stallion,” the gutsy fighter who rose above the odds to boxing glory, and a rags-to-riches legend in the business of making movies. Ever since Sylvester Stallone unleashed his impassioned title character in 1976, the resilient fighter has earned his place in history as a

One of the most incredible things we get to do is search and share the creative world for new makers and doers. This allows us to continually be exposed to techniques, processes and trends but what really drives us is young, ambitious people. We aren't that interested in the traditional rules of 'good' creativity or the old guards attempt to

The Varley Art Gallery of Markham, proudly named for Group of Seven painter FH Varley and home to a significant collection of paintings by Canadian masters, functions as a dynamic cultural hub and inclusive space in its community. The gallery required a colorful, modern identity to reflect its vision and vibrancy and Toronto based agency, Underline Studio, were approached to

Visual design from across the world illustrates how much impact the environment has on individuals work. From the light, fluid illustrations of contributors in Seville and Melbourne to the deeper, darker graphics of those based in cities such as Berlin and Paris. It's a fascinating insight into how creativity can change and adapt depending on what surrounds us. So when we

Every now and then creative people and projects are discovered that leave us utterly speechless (can you believe that?). Whether it's an individual project or a collective of like-minded makers, we look on in utter ore and celebrate their abilities. When that happens, we still feel that we should at least introduce those behind the work, so here goes. First Love

Founded in 2016, Surfaces is a design studio that can be found in the beautiful city of Lille in Northern France. Conceived and driven by Jane Secret and Nicolas Millot, Surfaces is a multidisciplinary agency that uses the founders passion for contemporary design to challenge traditions and push the boundaries of their art. Both Jane and Nicolas are inspired by their

Multi-Disciplinary design studios are now commonplace. They service elite brands that dominate their respective marketplaces via a collective team of specialist creatives. However, it's rare to find someone that's able to proudly celebrate their ability to cross specialties, let alone do them to the highest of standards. So, when we spotted Australian creative, Jason Wood, we knew we'd found just that.

We frequently talk about the need to challenge traditions and the importance of standing toe-to-toe with the status quo in order to provide an alternative way forward. We believe that creativity is the only way to do this and by visually reflecting this ethos we know that change, improvement and opportunity awaits. However, to make this happen creatives need to