We are incredibly pleased to introduce to you Matt Chu, a mighty fine creative from our hometown of Coventry. This young illustrator is dropping incredible artworks that are loaded with colour, depth and a tone that reflects the flair of a fine artist but features a clear, illustrative style that's much more approachable and inline with today's creative movements. Matt

One of the most incredible things we get to do is search and share the creative world for new makers and doers. This allows us to continually be exposed to techniques, processes and trends but what really drives us is young, ambitious people. We aren't that interested in the traditional rules of 'good' creativity or the old guards attempt to

The line between graphic design, printed media, illustrative visuals and digital content is usually extremely clear but sometimes we spot a creative that's challenging the boundaries of traditional art-forms and producing exceptionally strong, multi-disciplinary ideas that cross multiple fields. One such creative is Darren Shaddick, a designer with a distinctive approach that's both engaging and immersive. Darren's work is inspired by

SPACE10 is an organisation that exists to enable a better, more meaningful and sustainable life for many. They are on a mission to explore and design new ways of living from conceptual processes to sustainable and affordable ideas. SPACE10 is a truly remarkable collective of innovative ideas and inspiring individuals. One such project is their collaboration with the students at Central

When searching for new creatives, projects and products to share we explore stacks of resources from social media to exhibitions and end of year shows to magazines that cover all spectrums of visual creativity. Every now and then we get wind of work that's being produced that we must check out and this is one such occasion. One of our extended

Evelin Toledano is a Swedish-born and Spanish-raised Graphic Designer and Illustrator who is currently working from the beautifully captivating city of Sydney in Australia. Evelin began her creative career in Barcelona where she co-founded, La Casa de Carlota, a studio that collaborates with down-syndrome artists. Evelin's work is a gorgeous blend of geometric shapes, vibrant colours and scenes that feature her

Paul Rand famously said: "The world is more familiar with bad design than good design" and we couldn't agree more. For years we've been subjected to corporate nonsense that's driven by non-inspiring brief writers but now, due to the power of social media, we are awash with vibrant colour and gorgeously unique artwork. Designers, illustrators and alternative medium makers are loading

Toronto based creative agency, Underline Studio have been at it again. These guys produce spectacular ideas for a wide rage of clients and now they've collaborated with illustrator, Sam Island, to create a beautiful new series of materials for the University of Toronto. The University were looking for a new approach to attract prospective students and they hired Underline Studio to

In a world that's loaded with content, both off and online, it's become increasingly difficult to cut through the noise. Billboards adorn every inch of spare, urban space whilst platforms such as Facebook regurgitate campaigns endlessly with only profit in mind. So when we discovered Austrian illustrator and graphic designer, Francesco Ciccolella, we were captivated by his ability to communicate

The work of Famous When Dead (FWD) is strange and intriguing and heavily influenced by popular culture, street art and typography. Swathing wood panels, old envelopes and reclaimed oil paintings are often used as his canvas. FWD pays homage to fallen idols, TV-show characters, music videos and classic video games. His works have been exhibited in Chicago, New York, LA,