Los Angeles based creative studio, First Love, has been on our radar for quite a while now. Their versatile approach and dedication to visual aesthetics is highly commendable, allowing them to produce contemporary design that's some of the best we've found for a long time. First Love Studio have a masterful way with typography and colour, utilising photography and texture

Paris based creative studio, My Name is Wendy, was conceived in 2006 when graphic designers, Carole Gautier and Eugénie Favre came together to collaborate and create innovative identities, typefaces, prints and patterns. The duo's ethos is based on projects firstly being an encounter that gathers multiple principles in order to be a unique experience. As well as commercial clients the group

Wedding and events florist, Fleuressence, are dedicated by the infectious nature of classic flowers whilst being driven by the continual need to develop and employ contemporary processes. The brand required a visual identity that reflected their team's attention to detail, care and personable service so they approached Glasgow based creative agency, Kenna Studio. Fleuressence's success is built on their ability to communicate with

From our humble base in Coventry we regularly connect with global creatives, our search for truly beautiful work holds no boundaries. Visual magnificence is being made everywhere, gorgeous illustrations reflecting the environments in which they are made, films that are challenging social stereotypes and photographers that are capturing culturally significant movements. So, when we digitally landed in Berlin, we were

Paul Rand famously said: "The world is more familiar with bad design than good design" and we couldn't agree more. For years we've been subjected to corporate nonsense that's driven by non-inspiring brief writers but now, due to the power of social media, we are awash with vibrant colour and gorgeously unique artwork. Designers, illustrators and alternative medium makers are loading

Any creative practice or individual that adds the phrase "Let's get weird" into their introduction is one that's worth exploring and Benjamin Juhlin, the owner of First Love Studio, is one such character we've decided to discover. This magnificent graphic designer is dedicated to exploring and challenging everyday design, it's purpose and how it can be improved. Benjamin see's his studio

Foot Traffic provides socks for people’s passions, vices and everything in between. With a need to stand out from competitors and appeal to consumers, Foot Traffic commissioned the Design Ranch for a new brand that is as fun and clever as the socks they make. Based in Kansas City, USA, Design Ranch is an agency we have long-admired. Their bold, brave

The Exploratorium, which is found San Francisco, is a public learning laboratory which explores the world through science, art, and human perception. This lab provides a mixed range of multi-disciplinary events, exhibitions and workshops for the young and old to dive in to. However, their After Dark series really took our eye and creative agency, Collins, were approached to re-imagine

We have been planning content that focuses on the creative and cultural nature of food and drink for quite a while now. It's a subject that has continually grown in popularity and seen thousands of pop-ups, festivals and fixed site brands launch bringing us innovative processes, ideologies and reincarnations of traditional methods. So when we came across Kanteen, we knew

Our content and subsequently our audience has grown immeasurable in recent times. The creative community and like-minded tribe are found in all corners of the globe allowing us to source and share work that is simply incredible. From across the UK and Europe to the United States and Asia, we have begun collaborating and consuming innovative and inspirational creativity from