We back for another creative social in Coventry on March 28th and this one is going to be huge! Since starting our look at global creativity and our aim of building a knock-out community of brilliant individuals we've always looked in on our home city and thought how awesome it would be to create something that was solely focused on

The first two edition of our creative social, Fresh, have been such a blast that we have now booked up the same venue for edition 3, 4, 5 and 6. Fresh brings together the like-minded, helps connect people and drive collaborations. We want everyone to feel proud of the community they are helping to build and to collectively work together

After the success of our first creative social we've decided to host events on the final Thursday of each month. Our inaugural network brought together our online community and allowed us to hear from speakers including the team behind Undulation Sound, the Live-Loud promoters and mixed media artist Tom Godwin before we hosted a Q&A session with record producer, songwriter