Birmingham taking street art to new levels

When a city embraces creativity it automatically becomes a melting pot of individuality. It allows those within it to express themselves without fear of their shirt collar being felt. Graffiti or the newly coined and on-trend phrase, Street-Art, is the biggest benefactor of this mentality. This once looked down upon, working-class art form, which is still deemed a nuisance in many cities, is providing a beautifully eclectic backdrop to those destinations that now understand how it provides a much welcome identity to creative hot spots.

This approach and appreciation is shining stronger than ever in the Midlands city of Birmingham. The years of dedication by hundreds of creatives has led to a huge melting pot of incredible makers and doers who are expressing themselves in multiple disciplines, however, spray-art is now rising to the top. This epidemic is and continues to be captured by local photographer Andy Smart, a passionate drum banger of creative activities in Birmingham.

The creative heart of Birmingham is found beating strongly in the district of Digbeth, seconds from the city centre and built on years of regional history. Digbeth is a creative success story like no other. From the music movements of the Rainbow venues to the community vibes of the Custard Factory.

This destination holds something for everyone with a passion for creativity and culture. Loaded with street food, co-working facilities and incredible graffiti, Digbeth and the wider scene in Birmingham highlights how good bold ideas and fresh thinking can be. It is more than simply visual art but a true feeling of pride and individuality. Whether it’s Berlin or Barcelona, spaces that allow creativity to thrive become more than a place to live.

Photography © Andy Smart.


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