The culture of the beautiful game from Soccer Bible

The beautiful game has always been a thing of fascination. Since the birth of football everyone has pursued players, teams and competitions. However, the modern game is taking this tribal nature to new heights. The Premier League is the richest in the World, the World Cup is being broadcast to more viewers than ever before and the desire to know everything before anyone else is increasingly addictive. For some time though the printed media has been stuck in a rut. For decades we’ve had analytics, stats and team formations.

Traditional press continue this format but interject it with fancy graphics and top name pundits but now the awesome Soccer Bible is looking at the sport differently. With a focus on culture and the people that make it tick, these guys are producing a bi-monthly product that is just like the name says, a bible to the beautiful game. Stunning photography, in-depth articles and ground breaking exposures, Soccer Bible is a must for anyone who truly cares about the sport beyond the obvious.


Photography © Soccer Bible. Visit their website here.




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