Textures, tones and vivid colours, introducing the Shadow Project

Not many brands come with as many pre-conceptions as Stone Islands does. In some quarters they are seen as iconic hero’s of mysterious cool and in others they are synonymous with sport and hooliganism. However there is no doubting the brands continually desire to push technologies, fabrics and their purpose. The newly released, detailed look at their Shadow Project reflects this ethos and provides us with a look in to a world we’ve never really associated them with.

Negative spaces, textures, and surfaces ride against vivid colours and tonal differences. Form and function are pushed to their limit whilst effortless cool drops time and time again. This is a look at a brand that has designers on top form. This is a truly exceptional collection of clothing that is guaranteed to be a burning success.

To view the Shadow Project Collection and more Spring/Summer pieces visit the Stone Island website here.

Photography © Stone Island.


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