Review – The 1975 – Hitting the lights

The 1975 have risen through the UK music scene with the speed of light, creating a devoted and much loved fan base that seem to go completely weak at the knees for the group and the emotionally driven lyrics that embrace them. The 1975 been on a all out UK tour shattering expectations and proving their worth when it comes to massive arena shows which reflect on upcoming headline slots at festivals like Reading and Leeds.

The 1975 by Jordan Curtis Hughes

Dirty Hit Records is the home of The 1975, but when looking at their full roster of signings it showcases some of the UK’s most talented bands and artist right now. A band that needs no introduction and I’m literally writing this to just congratulation them in my article because of how amazing I think this band is, WOLF ALICE! Well done on the Mercury Prize. Another artist on the roster is Pale Waves a band that had it debut album come out this year with great success. The self proclaimed goths who everyone has fallen for completely owned the support slot and makes you really question how long before this band blows up like The 1975 or is winning a mercury prize like Wolf Alice! They are truly a pleasure to listen to with a style of goth pop synth backed up by lead vocalist Heather’s awesome voice, only over powered by the pure energy you get from her when on stage.

The 1975 by Jordan Curtis Hughes

Recommendation: Go listen to Pale Waves – “There’s A Honey”

What has to be said about The 1975 live on their tour in 2019? Well there’s probably a fair few reviews talking about the set list or the clothes the band wore. One thing that does need addressing is….. well done to the lighting team! I mean that was a show in itself, with some of the most impressive designs seen in a arena show in a long time the lighting felt like it wrapped up the music in a massive bow and tied it all up into a sweet little package. Chemical Brother use graphics and lighting to their advantage creating stunning visual to drive the performance in energy, The 1975 created what looked like a wormhole on stage, trying to send the crowd to another dimension.

The 1975 by Jordan Curtis Hughes

Musically The 1975 are a sweet pop group that is almost like eating a hole bag of Haribo, their upbeat 80s synth even got the boyfriends who had been led at the hip to the show shaking their hips by the end of it. You have to congratulate the band for what they have done in such a short space of time and you can just tell they will be around for a long while yet with the momentum they have behind them right now. If you’ve over looked The 1975 you probably already know their music as you’ve probably been humming it without know it, but maybe just go listen to their catalogue of music and make your own mind up about the positive mood enlightening band.

Recommendation: Go Listen to The 1975 – “Somebody Else”

All images courtesy of Jordan Curtis Hughes. Written by Garry Jones.

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