Review – Florence Welch brings Intimate values to Birmingham

Not wanting to over indulge for a review of a live performance is a strange notion, but here it is. The feeling of not wanting to give anything away about this gig because the atmosphere and the connection Florence is able to make with the crowd created a feeling of something very special. So special that you had to be there to experience and then if you explain it to anyone else you feel like they just wouldn’t get it.

Bringing the arena together under one banner or as Florence called it “a collective conscious” with a feeling of hope and love which past through everyone. Florence was able to unite strangers, bring random folks to the point of hugging and holding hands.

A key point that needs to be raised about this gig, and hats off to Florence for voicing this, was as one point she asked everyone to put their phones away and not film or take pictures. The crowd did so for all about one song, but she was trying to create a more intimate atmosphere that only you, the ticket holder can experience. Maybe we don’t have to share everything, maybe we should just enjoy the here and now.

What has always come across in the Florence’s lyrics are her beliefs and ideas that the fans are able to engage with and it was lovely to hear Florence thanking a devoted fan base for ten years of engaging in the music. Florence went on to speak about how the fans have kept the songs safe and held them so dear.

Seeing such a strong performance come from what seems to be a very humble and maybe some would say a little shy person is incredible, saying that though she did do a whole lap of the arena and get right in the middle of the crowd to carry on the song! Either way Florence and her amazing band the Machine were able to create an almost hippie like atmosphere (she labeled herself one) in a powerful moving performance that would draw in people who aren’t even fans of her.

Written and shot by Garry Jones.

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