Review – Enter Shikari – Sparks Bursting into Flames

Enter Shikari always brings back memories of teenage years when lads squeezed into girls jeans to tight to possibly imagine these days when baggy is back and hair which had been hit with more chemicals than a Wetherspoon toilet after a Saturday night. It’s great to see how this band has grown and stayed relevant when others from the same era and scene have dropped away. Notably as well the band have released a constant stream of head banging albums over the past ten years.

Enter Shikari by Garry Jones

‘The Spark’ Shikari’s 2017 September release brought about a exciting time for the band as they haven’t stopped gigging and touring since its release. Knocking festivals and worldwide tours our the park in the space of just over twelve months.

‘The Sights’ is probably one of the most catchy songs with the ability to bury itself into your head and what better song to power up the crowd into a frenzy at their show in Birmingham’s o2 Academy! Seeing the band at Birmingham Arena last year and with a stand out show at Boomtown which you can watch the quick fire round where they pack in some of your favourites in ten minutes like its a Drum and Bass mix! All the shows just crack it up to eleven straight away, stage lighting flashing away making it feel like a house party in the late 00’s where strobes were key!

Enter Shikari by Garry Jones

People were going for it, basically throwing their money up in the air as pints are like a fiver a pop but that didn’t stop the crowd from launching beers all over the Academy as if they were teepeeing a house on halloween. Bodies were coming over the barriers at the front quicker than Call Of Duty pre order amazon prime deliveries! Energy in the room was electric and nothing was going to hold this crowd back from soaking up every second of this gig.

If you think Mick Jagger has moves (which he definitely does) Rou Reynolds could probably rival him with pulling shapes and skanking out. Rou brings so much life to the bands performances, he’s like the catalyst to the madness that is taking place in the crowd. One second eyes closed softly singing into the mic pouring his emotions into the weighted lyrics of one of the many heavy hitting songs, to exploding as if a firework just went off from under both his feet and treating the mic stand as if its a olympic javelin. One of the best frontmen a band has seen in many years.

Enter Shikari by Garry Jones

Before the first three songs were even over the band built up to this massive crescendo, during ‘The Labyrinth’ the roll of drums came to such a drop it felt like they were closing the show when it had only just begun! The confetti canons went off filling the space, in more spectacular fashion then any band opens up a set with and other bands take note thats how you set the tone for a evening of music!

This maybe a slight exaggeration but as if Rou was David Blaine he appeared up in the tiered seated balcony, lite by the stage to his right he looked over the crowd holding his acoustic guitar. Switching it up in this way just to pull the crowd back down for a moment to breath and probably the same for the band which had been giving it their all since they came on. The people sat up in the balcony looked shock and in owe of his presence. Refreshing and confident solo piece by Rou!

Enter Shikari by Garry Jones

Nothing beats Shikari Live these days! One small minor, very minor, microscopic note to make…. Shame they didn’t play ‘The Jester’. If you weren’t able to attend any of their ‘Stop The Clocks’ tour then maybe pick up one of their live albums that are meant to be coming out in February and stick it on then close your eyes, thrash around your bedroom until you’ve knocked everything over!

Also Gin in a wine glass! Good man, keeping it classy Rou!

Enter Shikari by Garry Jones

Written and photographed by Garry Jones.

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