What Are Two Benefits Of Using Data Categories With Salesforce Knowledge Choose 2 Answers?

What is the synonym of capacity?

SYNONYMS FOR capacity 3 endowment, talent, gifts.

4 aptitude, adequacy, competence, capability..

What is Data category?

Data Categories are hierarchical classification of articles that are controlled by the system administrator. … For example, if a tech blog were to use Salesforce for publishing their content, they could create Data Categories such as: Mobile, Web, Venture Funding, Big Data, etc. to categorize their articles.

How much does Salesforce knowledge cost?

Salesforce Knowledge Pricing Plans: The read only version is included in the Lightning Professional plan ($75/user/month) and Lightning Enterprise plan ($150/user/month) but will entail additional costs if you opt for the read/write version of Knowledge on those two plans.

Which configuration item must be created when implementing lightning knowledge?

Which configuration item must be created when implementing Lightning Knowledge? call deflection within Service Cloud.

What are two features of Knowledge Salesforce?

One of the critical features of Salesforce Knowledge is Data Categories and Data Category Groups. These are two major functions — article organization and article access. Data Categories allow you to organize your article content in a hierarchical way. They can also be grouped into Data Category Groups.

What is the capability of Salesforce knowledge?

Give your website visitors, clients, partners, and service agents the ultimate support tool. Create and manage a knowledge base with your company information, and securely share it when and where it’s needed.

What is knowledge capacity?

Differing from previous literature that think knowledge capability is the sum total of the knowledge assets of organizations, this paper defines knowledge capability as including both knowledge assets and knowledge operating capacities.

Which two capabilities of Salesforce Knowledge ensure accurate content in articles Choose 2 answers?

Capabilities to ensure accurate content: 1) Approval Process that assigns an Article to a Reviewer Queue. 2) Validation Rules for article record types to verify all fields during creation.

What is Data category in Salesforce?

Data categories are used in Salesforce Knowledge (articles and article translations), Ideas, Answers, and Chatter Answers to help classify and find articles, questions, or ideas. You can use data categories to control access to a particular set of articles, questions or ideas.

What are the three types of visibility with data categories?

There are three types of visibility:All Categories: All categories are visible.None: No categories are visible.Custom: Selected categories are visible.

What are the main categories of data?

Understanding Qualitative, Quantitative, Attribute, Discrete, and Continuous Data TypesAt the highest level, two kinds of data exist: quantitative and qualitative.There are two types of quantitative data, which is also referred to as numeric data: continuous and discrete.More items…•

What is Article type in Salesforce?

000339395. Description. Article Types are like Record Types for Salesforce Classic Knowledge. They are custom templates that can provide a different look-and-feel for the published article as well different types of information, visibility and edit rights. Default article types include FAQs, Offers, and How-To’s.

How do I access Salesforce knowledge?

Enable KnowledgeFrom Setup, type Knowledge into the Quick Find box.Click Knowledge Settings.Read the information on enabling Salesforce Knowledge in your org.Check Yes, I understand the impact of enabling Salesforce Knowledge.Click Enable Salesforce Knowledge.

What happens when a user runs a macro?

Users can run macros to complete repetitive tasks—selecting an email template, sending an email to a customer, updating the case status—all in a single click. … When a user runs a macro, the system performs each instruction. Macros help your team save time and add consistency.

How do I turn on quick actions in Salesforce?

Create a Quick ActionClick. and select Setup.Enter Global Actions in the Quick Find and select Global Actions.Click New Action.Leave the Action Type as Create a Record. … In the Label field, enter Waypoint . … Click Save.In the next Action Layout screen, leave Waypoint Name as the only field in the layout.

What are the two capabilities of knowledge?

Thus the two primary means of developing knowledge capabilities are technology, and human skills and behaviours.

What is a capacity building plan?

Capacity building (or capacity development) is the process by which individuals and organizations obtain, improve, and retain the skills, knowledge, tools, equipment, and other resources needed to do their jobs competently. … “Capacity building” and “Capacity development” are often used interchangeably.