Quick Answer: Which Of The Following Is An Example Of Disruptive Innovation?

Is Amazon a disruptive innovation?

Amazon is seen as one of the world’s most disruptive companies because people love it so much they forget they’ve even paid for some of its services.

The company scored highly in new research by Kantar Millward Brown that looked at the companies and brands people rate as being disruptive or creative..

What is a disruptive thinker?

At its core, disruptive thinking is about thinking differently. Specifically, its thinking that challenges the traditional way of doing things in an organisation (or even an entire market or sector).

What is an example of disruptive innovation?

Disruptive Innovation refers to a technology whose application significantly affects the way a market or industry functions. An example of modern disruptive innovation is the Internet, which significantly altered the way companies did business and which negatively impacted companies that were unwilling to adapt to it.

Is Netflix a disruptive innovation?

Case Netflix: On-demand movie streaming service Netflix is a classic example of disruptive innovation that used a new business model and technology to disrupt an existing market. It initially offered a DVD-by-mail rental service and later launched its online, subscription-based movie streaming service.

Why is Netflix a disruptive innovation?

Netflix Clayton Christensen popularized the term “disruptive innovation” in his iconic book, “The Innovator’s Dilemma,” published in 1997. … The primary reason why Netflix is disruptive is that, when it launched its mail-in subscription service, it didn’t go after the core customers of competitors like Blockbuster.

Is Uber an example of disruptive innovation?

Today, “disruption” is used to justify any and every innovation coming out of the tech sector. … He suggests that while Uber is innovative, it’s not a disruptive innovation. Instead, it’s a sustaining innovation, meaning that Uber represents only an incremental improvement on the existing taxi industry.

What are the latest disruptive technologies?

Top Disruptive Technologies to Watch Out for in 20213D Printing. While we don’t yet have matter replicators like seen on Star Trek, 3D printing is a good start. … 5G and Improved Connectivity. … Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. … Automation and Robotics. … Cyber Security Advances. … Edge Computing. … Virtual and Augmented Reality. … Headless Tech.More items…•

Is Apple a disruptive innovation?

Apple has long been a disruptive force in the technology market, all the way from its introduction of the Macintosh in 1984 through its announcement of the Apple Watch 30 years later. Let’s take a look at how Apple has disrupted markets in the past and present, along with how it may disrupt them in the future.

What is disruptive strategy?

Disruptive Strategy enables you to make innovation a reality. Created by Clayton Christensen, who coined the theory of disruptive innovation, this online course will equip you with the skills and techniques to develop executive-level strategy, organize for innovation, and discover customer jobs to be done.

How do you become disruptive?

4 Amazing Ways to Be Disruptive. The Used-to-be Bad Word Gets a Makeover. … Be authentic. This one might seem simple and obvious but most leaders never really fully bring their whole selves into the light for all of their employees to see. … Take a risk. … Show, don’t tell. … Make getting un-stuck stick.

Is 3d printing a disruptive innovation?

3D printing truly excels in its ability to enable personalization. This ability to economically create a very limited run of widgets or entire devices — down to a single part run — is what makes 3D a truly disruptive technology. Add in the sheer speed of the process and you have a technology that will drive change.

What are some examples of disruptive products created by Apple?

Apple’s iPod and Music Store are ‘disruptive’ products that altered prior business modelsand shook up the industry. The iPhone is a highly disruptive technology because it combines the functionality of so many other devices into one streamlined smartphone.

What industries has Apple disrupted?

Here are some of the many industries and services forever disrupted by Apple’s revolutionary device:News and Newspapers. The iPhone made news immediacy the main attraction. … Computers. … Television. … The Music Industry. … Transportation and Accommodations. … Photography. … Apps for Business and the Business of Apps.

What is an example of a disruptive technology?

Disruptive technology is an innovation that significantly alters the way that consumers, industries, or businesses operate. … Recent disruptive technology examples include e-commerce, online news sites, ride-sharing apps, and GPS systems.

What are three examples of modern day disruptive innovations?

Here are eleven examples of the most disruptive technologies at the time of writing:Artificial Intelligence. … Internet of Things (IoT) … Space Colonisation. … 3D Printing. … Medical Innovations. … High-Speed Travel. … Robotics. … Blockchain Technology.More items…•