Quick Answer: What Scotty Cameron Does Tiger Use?

Why are Scotty Cameron putters so expensive?

What actually makes them so expensive.

The first thing is the materials they’re made from.

They use pretty expensive materials to build their putters and that’s what gives them a solid feel.

There really isn’t anything that feels as good as a Scotty Cameron putter and that’s enough for a lot of people to get one..

What clubs does Tiger use 2020?

This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.Driver: TaylorMade SIM (Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 60TX shaft), 9 degrees.3-Wood: TaylorMade M5 (Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 70TX shaft), 15 degrees.5-Wood: TaylorMade M3 (Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 80TX shaft), 19 degrees.More items…•

What putter does Tiger Woods use?

Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSSIn 1999, Woods started using the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS (German Stainless Steel) prototype putter that he currently uses today. It’s quite possibly the most famous putter in golf, and it would surely go for at least 8 figures if it were to have ever hit an auction table.

What shafts does Tiger Woods use?

On Tuesday, Woods had a new SIM driver (9 degrees) and his old TaylorMade M5 driver, each equipped with a Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 60TX shaft. He also had three fairway woods in the bag: a TaylorMade SIM Max Rocket 3-wood (14 degrees), a TaylorMade M5 3-wood (15 degrees), and a TaylorMade M3 5-wood (19 degrees).

Is a Scotty Cameron worth the money?

absolutely not. In the end – it’s a flat piece of metal on a stick. Outside that, it’s all on the golfer, not the equipment. Ya they’re worth it if you use one and it feels like the best putter you’ve ever used.