Quick Answer: What Are Datum Features?

What is another word for datum?

What is another word for datum?detailparticularpointspecificfactnicetyparticularitydata pointitemelement146 more rows.

What are datums used for?

An engineering datum used in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing is a feature on an object used to create a reference system for measurement. In engineering and drafting, a datum is a reference point, surface, or axis on an object against which measurements are made.

How would you describe a datum?

Definition: A datum is theoretical exact plane, axis or point location that GD&T or dimensional tolerances are referenced to. … All GD&T symbols except for the form tolerances (straightness, flatness, circularity and cylindricity) can use datums to help specify what geometrical control is needed on the part.

How do you select the datum features?

Datums are important and care must be taken when selecting them. They must be easily identifiable on the part. When parts are symmetrical or have identical features that make identification of Datum Features difficult, the Datum Features should be physically identified.

What are the types of datum?

There are two main datums in the United States. Horizontal datums measure positions (latitude and longitude) on the surface of the Earth, while vertical datums are used to measure land elevations and water depths.

What is datum in design?

Datum: A datum is a form which ties together or anchors all other elements of the design. It can be a line, like a road with houses arranged along its length, a flat plane, or even a 3D space. Many buildings all share a plane which acts as a clear datum— it’s the ground on which they are built!

What is a datum line?

Noun. datum line (plural datum lines) (engineering) A line which serves as a reference or base for the measurement of other quantities.

What is a datum target symbol?

The datum target symbol is a circle which is divided into two parts. The lower contains datum letter and target number. For the datum target area symbols, the information about the area shape and size can be putted in the upper.

What is datum feature simulator?

A datum feature simulator is the manufacturing or inspection equipment contacting the datum feature of the part. Datum feature simulators are used to establish the simulated datums. A simulated datum is a point, axis or plane established from the actual surface of the datum feature simulator.

What is the difference between a datum and a datum feature?

A datum feature is a part feature (or FOS), that contacts a datum during measurement. A datum is a theoretically exact plane (or axis or center-plane), from which dimensional measurement should be made. … During measurement, the datum feature will contact the simulated datum which in this case is a surface plate.

What are GD&T symbols?

In geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T), a unique set of GD&T symbols are used to define the relationships between part features and measurement references.

What is an example of a datum?

An example of a datum is the assumed altitude of a specific piece of land used as the basis in calculating the altitude of the top of a mountain on the land. A point, line, or surface used as a reference, as in surveying, mapping, or geology.