Quick Answer: How Do I Deploy A Platform Event In Salesforce?

How do I use platform events in Salesforce?

We can subscribe the platform events with following ways :Apex Trigger : Write an “after insert” Apex trigger on the event object to subscribe to incoming events.

Subscrbe to platform event notification in Lightning components.In an external app, you subscribe to events using CometD as well.Flow and process builder..

What is a platform event message Salesforce?

A platform event is a special kind of Salesforce entity, similar in many ways to an sObject. An event message is an instance of a platform event, similar to how a record is an instance of a custom object. … You also can’t view event records in the Salesforce user interface, and platform events don’t have page layouts.

How do I subscribe to a platform event?

With platform events, the process is similar. You simply write an after insert Apex trigger on the event object to subscribe to incoming events. Triggers provide an autosubscription mechanism in Apex. No need to explicitly create and listen to a channel.

How do I subscribe to a platform event in workbench?

1. Go to Queries and select Streaming Push Topics. 2. Enter /event/PlatformEvent__e(Use API Name).

What are three ways for a developer to execute tests in an org?

2 Answers. Setup Menu, Tooling API and SalesforceDX. VS Code uses sfdx. Running Tests Using the API – You can also run tests using the Tooling REST API.

Which scenario requires a developer to use an Apex callout instead of outbound messaging?

2. Which scenario requires a developer to use an Apex callout instead of Outbound Messaging? A. The callout needs to be invoked from workflow rule.

How do I enable custom platform events in Salesforce?

Define a Custom Platform EventFrom Setup, enter Platform Events in the Quick Find box, then select Platform Events.On the Platform Events page, click New Platform Event.Complete the standard fields, and optionally add a description.For Event Type, select High Volume.Click Save.More items…

What is platform event in process builder?

Salesforce platform events are a secure and scalable way to connect business processes. … When using a platform event, the process builder will start from fresh and reset all limits, making it more scalable. Salesforce platform event limits. Configure your organization to publish the Propel platform events.

How do you test a platform event?

Testing Your Platform Event in ApexEvent and Event Bus Properties in Test Context. In test context, event messages and the event bus have different properties. … Deliver Test Event Messages. Deliver test event messages after the Test. … Test Retried Event Messages. An Apex trigger can retry processing of an event message by throwing EventBus.

What is __ E in Salesforce?

When you create a platform event, the system appends the __e suffix to create the API name of the event. For example, if you create an event with the object name Low Ink , the API name is Low_Ink__e . The API name is used whenever you refer to the event programmatically, for example, in Apex.

How do you publish an event?

To publish event messages, you create an instance of the event and pass it to the EventBus….Publish Event Messages Using ApexFrom the quick access menu ( ), select Developer Console.Click Debug | Open Execute Anonymous Window.In the new window, replace any contents with the code snippet and then click Execute.

What is streaming API Salesforce?

Streaming API is your radar. It lets you define events and push notifications to your client app when the events occur. … Also, Streaming API lets you process business logic in an external system in response to data changes in Salesforce.