Quick Answer: Can You Use Paysafecard On Microsoft Store?

How do I pay with paysafecard?

How do I pay with a paysafecard?Sign in to your account.Choose the product you’d like to buy, select paysafecard as your payment method, then click Next.

Check the amount to pay, then click Next.To complete the payment, click Next again.More items….

Can I transfer money from paysafecard to PayPal?

The only method for convert the paysafecard Money into PayPal is the MasterCard way. You Need to make with paysafecard a Paysafe MasterCard and Connect this in your PayPal account.

How do I use a gift card on Microsoft store?

How do you redeem a gift card? Go to microsoft.com/redeem, log into your Microsoft account, and enter the 25-character code provided. Once redeemed, your gift card balance will be available to spend at Microsoft Store online, on Windows, and on Xbox. Check your account balance.

How do I use my paysafecard on PayPal?

Adding paysafecard Mastercard to PayPal Click on Banks and cards in the menu left. Enter your paysafecard Mastercard. When making a purchase at an online shop, select PayPal as the payment method. In your PayPal account, select your paysafecard Mastercard as the payment method and confirm the payment.

Can you pay with paysafecard on Xbox?

Thanks to the Xbox Live Value Cards the Purchasing of Xbox One games was never as easy as it is now – thanks to Xbox Live Downloads and Gamesrocket. You can use PayPal, paysafecard, Amazon Payments, Credit Card and many more payment methods to get what you want.

What can u buy with paysafecard?

Paying with paysafecard is direct and fast.Games. Whether it’s MMOs, casual games or skill games – always be on the safe side with paysafecard and pay for the biggest and best games quickly and securely. … Social Games & Communities. … Internet Services & Travel. … Music, film & entertainment.

Can you withdraw money from paysafecard?

Customers can request a withdrawal to their my paysafecard account by simply entering their registered email address. … Customers can use the balance of their paysafecard account to make another payment online or withdraw the funds at an ATM via the paysafecard Mastercard® card.

Does Amazon accept paysafecard?

We recently expanded our partnership with Amazon. As a paysafecard customer, you already pay with cash on the Internet today. Now it has become even easier to do so on Amazon. … The amount is immediately available to pay for millions of items.

Are Microsoft and Xbox gift cards the same?

What is the difference between a Microsoft Gift Card and an Xbox Gift Card? The cards work just the same. Once redeemed to your Microsoft account, you can spend your balance at Microsoft Store online, on Windows, and on Xbox.

Where can I spend my paysafecard?

paysafecard is available at +650,000 sales outlets worldwide. These include supermarkets, newsagents and petrol stations. Once you have purchased paysafecard, you can use it to pay online as simply and as safely as if paying in cash.

Can you use a Visa gift card on Microsoft store?

You can simply use a Visa gift card as if it were a normal credit card, so you’ll want to use the credit card option rather than the gift card option.

How do I redeem my paysafecard?

paysafecard – as easy as cashBuy a paysafecard PIN at any of the +650,000 sales outlets worldwide in any of the following amounts: 10, 25, 50 or 100 EUR.Then use it to pay at thousands of online shops: Simply enter the 16-digit PIN and you’re done.

How do you activate a visa gift card?

Dial the number on the back of the card if there isn’t a sticker on the front. Your Visa gift card will have a customer service number listed on the back of the card. Call this number and follow the necessary button prompts to activate it.