Question: What Does Gargantuan Mean In English?

What is the meaning of gargantuan?

tremendous in size, volume: tremendous in size, volume, or degree : gigantic, colossal gargantuan waterfalls..

What does the word colossal mean?

1 : of, relating to, or resembling a colossus colossal statues. 2 : of a bulk, extent, power, or effect approaching or suggesting the stupendous or incredible colossal rock formations colossal stellar explosions.

What’s haughty eyes?

Haughty Eyes – Proverbs 6:17 A haughty spirit or having haughty eyes means that we look down upon others in a condescending way. We think more highly of ourselves than we should. This is where we look scornfully, disdainfully, or almost arrogantly at others.

What does mocked mean?

Imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery, but to mock is to make fun of or mimic someone with contempt, ridicule or derision. The verb mock — as in the use that inspired the name of the mockingbird — can be simple imitation but, more often, to mock someone is to show disdain through mimicry or parody. …

How do you use gargantuan in a sentence?

Gargantuan in a Sentence 🔉It took five men to move the gargantuan bedframe into the house. … Even though Janice does not have a nickel to her name, she still has gargantuan tastes and is not willing to settle for the small things. … The small freshman found the gargantuan textbook to be exceptionally heavy.More items…

What is the origin of the word gargantuan?

gargantuan (adj.) “enormous,” 1590s, from Gargantua, name of the voracious giant in Rabelais’ novels, supposedly from Spanish/Portuguese garganta “gullet, throat,” which is from the same imitative root as gargle (v.).

Is gargantuan bigger than colossal?

is that colossal is extremely large or on a great scale while gargantuan is (obsolete) of the giant gargantua or his appetite.

When should you use a thesaurus?

A thesaurus is used to find words that are interesting to use in place of other words and is used to make texts that are more interesting. Revised with a thesaurus: A thesaurus is used to identify vocabulary that is interesting to utilize in place of other words and is employed to create texts that are more engaging.

What is a haughty woman?

Someone who is haughty is arrogant and full of pride. When you’re haughty, you have a big attitude and act like you’re better than other people. A haughty person acts superior and looks down on others. Haughty people are disdainful, overbearing, prideful, swaggering, and obnoxious.

What does flexing mean?

1 : to bend especially repeatedly. 2a : to move muscles so as to cause flexion of (a joint) b : to move or tense (a muscle) by contraction. 3 : use, demonstrate flexing her skills as a singer. intransitive verb.

What does tumultuous mean?

loud, excited, and emotional1 : marked by tumult : loud, excited, and emotional tumultuous applause.

Is Gargantuanly a word?

Gargantuanly definitions In an gargantuan manner.

What does elated mean?

marked by high spirits: marked by high spirits : exultant.

How do you use stupendous in a sentence?

He ran up stupendous debts through his extravagant lifestyle. He was a man of stupendous stamina and energy. The opera was quite stupendous! Stupendous news! … This stupendous novel keeps you gripped to the end. Kotto gives a stupendous performance. The stupendous storm was the result.More items…•

How do you use gauche in a sentence?

Gauche in a Sentence 🔉His gauche table manners make me cringe, especially when he tries to talk with his mouth full. … Because everyone assumed that he is just a typical gauche adolescent, no one believed he could have produced such a sophisticated work of art.More items…

What is haughty?

: blatantly and disdainfully proud : having or showing an attitude of superiority and contempt for people or things perceived to be inferior haughty aristocrats haughty young beauty …

What does diminutive mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 grammar : a word, affix, or name usually indicating small size : a diminutive (see diminutive entry 2 sense 1) word, affix, or name. 2 : one that is notably small : a diminutive individual. diminutive.

Is stupendous a real word?

Stupendous means amazing or awesome. You just won a million dollars and are donating it to charity? That’s stupendous! While you might think of stupid as a mean word for someone who isn’t smart, it can also mean senseless or stunned.