Question: What Did The Torturer Do To Griffith?

Does Casca love guts or Griffith?

Casca is the love interest of Guts in the manga and anime Berserk.

Casca was the only female soldier in the original Band of the Hawk.

She at first hated Guts, because she felt he stole her role as the right hand of her commander Griffith.

However, Casca eventually fell in love with Guts..

Why didnt Griffith kill guts?

Griffith doesn’t JUST KILL Guts, because he’s beneath his notice. OR he wants to keep saying that he’s beneath his notice. On another note, I take back what I said about Griffith’s “noble” speech. When Griffith said, “this is war, status means nothing,” that’s still true in his eyes.

What did Griffith do in berserk?

The short answer is that he sacrificed an army of his friends and subordinates to become a god. And in the process tortures his “Best Friend”, Guts, by raping the woman that once loved him but had fallen for Guts when Griffith repeatedly did not show interest.

Why did Griffith save Casca?

When he raped Casca, he wanted to make Guts feel helpless just like he felt helpless. He wanted to destroy his happiness (really, destroy the dream Guts had just started to grasp–just like his own dream had been stolen away).

Why did Griffith choke the guts?

Guts thought Griffith was trying to embrace his old friend. Judo appears to detect that the sentiment might have been different, but doesn’t say anything.

Is Griffith in love with guts?

Of course Griffith loved Guts. … He wanted to hurt Guts because Guts gave him everything but what he really wanted – and he did it by taking what Guts really wanted. And that is why he lets Guts live – he wants to prolong the suffering by his inaction just as much as Guts did to him.

Why did Griffith want guts to touch him?

He was sitting brittle and broken in a puddle of his own blood and tears after attempting suicide, after Guts was about to abandon him again, for someone as proud and egocentric as Griffith, it was sympathy for being a broken man that set him over the edge, or more specifically Guts sympathetically touching his …

Why did Griffith sleep with Charlotte?

He felt powerless and not in control of what’s happening around him anymore after guts left him. So he slept with charlotte to get some of that “power” and “control” back. … It was very “In” character for Griffith to sleep with Charlotte.

Did Casca like Griffith?

Yes, she did. But it was different from the feelings she shared with Guts. … Casca was quite young when Griffith saved her and Casca admired him A LOT and since she didn’t know any better she might have thought that she was in love with him and have mixed feelings about herself and her feelings.

Can guts kill ZODD?

Guts was certainly overpowered by Zodd’s apostle form, and Zodd might well have killed him if Griffith did not interfere. But now with the berserker armor, as you say, a match between Guts and Zodd would be, to say the least, interesting.

Can guts beat ZODD?

Though in Gut’s current condition yes he may win the fight but the Berserker armor would probably kill him rather than Zodd. … Guts even without his berserker armor beat zodd in a 1 on 1 fight and when he transformed he still held his own like they were equals.

Why is ZODD with Griffith?

Zodd follows griffith because he injured zodds seemingly immortal body with such ease that zodd thought it was a freaking daydream. It was griffiths way of demonstrating, “you think you’re the strongest warrior?

Could Griffith have recovered?

Yeah, Griffith isn’t really recovering after his time imprisoned. The only way to “save” him is to have Guts not leave, because that’s what ultimately caused Griffith to decide to seduce the kings daughter.

Why did Griffith go crazy?

On the day Guts left, yes, Griffith felt betrayed and angry. That’s why he went a little crazy and went to Charlotte. … TL;DR Guts made Griffith feel feelings that made him irrational. Griffith acted because of his feelings for Guts and it cost him his dream.

Did Griffith sleep with Casca?

He rapes Casca to punish Guts for not only abandoning him, but for abandoning him to seek out his own dream, something which could topple Griffith as it was the one thing that would have made Guts an equal. … Yes, she is used as a sexual tool to punish Guts, but I think Griffith also wanted to hurt her.

Does ZODD respect guts?

For those who survive their encounters with him, and thus prove themselves worthy opponents, Zodd has nothing but respect. He holds anyone who can harm or even defend themselves against him in great esteem, such as Guts and the Skull Knight.

Why did Griffith try to kill himself?

He blamed himself for ruining the Hawks, for extinguishing everyone’s dreams – especially Guts’s. Considering that, I think he thought they would all be far better off without him, that he was shackling everyone (especially Guts and Casca).

Why did Griffith protect Casca?

A simple look at the page makes it obvious Griffith acts unconsciously when he goes and protects Casca IMHO, because of the child. However, he states himself that he wanted to see if he felt something for Guts or not. It’s two different things, and you can see that he’s troubled by his own reaction to Casca.