Question: How Do I Publish A Knowledge Article In Salesforce Lightning?

What is Salesforce lightning knowledge?

Lightning Knowledge gives you a high-powered yet streamlined way to manage your knowledge base.

With Lightning Knowledge, you get the benefits of standard objects that work like other objects in Salesforce.

Note Enabling Lightning Knowledge changes your org’s data model to use record types rather than article types..

What can you set up using the Lightning knowledge setup flow?

What can you set up using the Lightning Knowledge Setup Flow? Where does the article summary appear? settings, ten in the Quick Find box, enter Knowledge Settings and select Knowledge Settings. to automatically enable Knowledge, assign licenses to article authors, and set up data groups and categories.

What is Article type in Salesforce?

000339395. Description. Article Types are like Record Types for Salesforce Classic Knowledge. They are custom templates that can provide a different look-and-feel for the published article as well different types of information, visibility and edit rights. Default article types include FAQs, Offers, and How-To’s.

How do I access knowledge articles in Salesforce?

This is how you’ll enable Knowledge Articles for a Guest User:Go to your Setup | Sites. … Click on the Public Access Settings Button, there you will see the profile of the guest user. … Click on view users and you’ll be directed to page with the guest user. … Search for Permission Set and click Edit Assignments.More items…

How are knowledge articles used in Salesforce?

Your Salesforce Knowledge base is built from knowledge articles, which are documents of information. Articles can include information on process, like how to reset your product to its defaults, or frequently asked questions, like how much storage your product supports.

How do you set up lightning knowledge?

Enable Lightning KnowledgeFrom Setup, enter Knowledge in the Quick Find box and click Knowledge Settings.If you’re new to Knowledge, enable Knowledge by selecting Yes and clicking Enable Salesforce Knowledge. … Click OK to continue.On the Knowledge Settings page, click Edit.Select Enable Lightning Knowledge.Click Save.

What is the difference between Salesforce Knowledge and solutions?

Here are some differences between Knowledge and Solutions: Knowledge requires feature licenses, meaning that it costs more money per user, whereas Solutions come free out of the box. Knowledge gives you the capability to segment through articles and data categories.

What are the two features of knowledge?

Several characteristics of knowledge have been described:Knowledge is contextual and it can be re-used.Benefits of knowledge obtained only if it is applied.The values of knowledge may change over time.Knowledge has to be renewed or maintained.It can be difficult to transfer, capture and distribute knowledge.More items…

What are the features of Salesforce knowledge?

Main features of Salesforce Knowledge are:Content lifecycle management.APIs.Publication & translation approval.Knowledge One widget.Article rating system.Data categories for specific audience.Customization.Knowledge article tagging.More items…

How do I enable knowledge?

Enable KnowledgeFrom Setup, type Knowledge into the Quick Find box.Click Knowledge Settings.Read the information on enabling Salesforce Knowledge in your org.Check Yes, I understand the impact of enabling Salesforce Knowledge.Click Enable Salesforce Knowledge.

When lightning knowledge is enabled you can’t add an article type?

In Lightning Knowledge, Article Types are not available. Instead, you use Record Types on the standard Knowledge__kav object. See Compare Lightning Knowledge with Knowledge in Salesforce Classic. Alter your package to support Lightning Knowledge instead of Classic Knowledge.

How do you develop knowledge articles?

8 Best Practices for Writing Effective Knowledge Base ArticlesDon’t make assumptions. … Use anchor links in lengthy articles. … Make the content easy to skim. … Make the content easy to read. … Organize your article logically. … Use links strategically. … Stick with simple article titles. … Use images to save time and create clarity.

How do I create a knowledge article in Salesforce lightning?

Enable Topics for ObjectsClick your profile icon in the upper right.Click Switch to Salesforce Classic.Click Setup.Enter Topics for Objects in Quick Find, then select Topics for Objects.Under Object, select Knowledge.Click Enable Topics.Check Text and Title.Click Save.

How do I publish an article in Salesforce?

To publish in Classic Knowledge, you need the publish permission on an article’s article type and the “Publish Articles” or “Publish Translated Articles” article action to publish an article or translation. To publish in Lightning Knowledge, you need the associated User Profile perms.