How Many GB Is Intel HD Graphics 5500?

Can Intel HD Graphics 5500 Run GTA V?

Your processor and RAM are good enough but you need a decent graphics card (>= 1gb) for playing heavy games like GTA-V.

You should actually thank your integrated graphics card (Intel HD 5500 in your case) for letting you play GTA-V even if it is with lag and is low quality..

How can I increase my VRAM in Intel HD Graphics 5500?

The only way to increase it is the BIOS. There may be a newer version release that can “Dedicate” more of your actual RAM as VRAM. … Even then the HD 5500 isn’t a good GPU by any means.The other better option is to use a discrete GPU. … Even with an External GPU, it won’t get the same FPS numbers as a desktop/tower would.

How many GB is Intel HD Graphics?

1.7GBAs you see, the total amount of graphics memory for Intel HD Graphics is usually about 1.7GB, but it may be less if your computer has 4GB or less RAM or your computer’s manufacturer has configured your Intel HD Graphics differently.

How much VRAM does Intel HD 5500 have?

For this game we had to upgrade RAM to 8GB (other games were tested with 4GB). The game itself consumes nearly 4GB, plus you need memory for operating system and integrated graphics….Specifications of the Intel HD 5500.GPU NameIntel HD 5500 GraphicsCore Clock Speed300 – 900 MHzMemory Bus Width64-bit8 more rows•Apr 2, 2015