How Does Punisher Kill Spider Man?

Did The Punisher kill Wolverine?

During their fight he stabbed Wolverine in the throat with a knife and in the chest with Wolverine’s own claws and threw him into an electrical generator.

Wolverine’s claws pierced the generator and Wolverine was electrocuted until he basically melted down to just his skeleton..

Who would win Daredevil or Punisher?

1 Winner: Daredevil Often, Frank Castle’s guns are what have given him the edge. Despite Punisher’s weapons training, Daredevil’s superior martial arts skills and training give him the edge, as does his ability to call on allies for backup.

Can the Punisher kill Deadpool?

The Punisher had to kill Deadpool multiple times, which serves as a running joke throughout the comic. Eventually, The Punisher shoots Deadpool in the head once and for all. To make sure he won’t come back, he chops Deadpool into pieces and buries him around the city.

Has the Punisher ever killed an innocent?

In non-canon comics, yes. In The Punisher kills The Marvel Universe he’s a villain. In Punisher MAX by Garth Ennis, he is also somewhat a villain. He still kills criminals in MAX but he will kill an innocent if they get in his way.

Who is immune to penance stare?

The technique requires Ghost Rider to come in close to his intended target and lock eyes with them; individuals with more than two eyes are without functioning eyes at all have shown immunity to the Penance Stare before.

How does the Punisher kill Marvel?

THE PUNISHER KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE Instead, they were collateral damage during a battle between the Avengers, the X-Men and a host of alien invaders. An enraged Castle lashed out at the assembled heroes, killing a handful of them and being arrested.

What is the punishers kill count?

Actually, the Punisher’s kill list puts even most supervillains to shame, with Marvel Comics putting his body count at a mind-numbing 48,502 people. And that’s not even counting alternate realities, movies, or video games.

How did Punisher kill Ghost Rider?

This advantage is for naught as the Punisher disables him and despite Blackthorne’s status as the Vice President, Frank kills him with one shot between the eyes. … He originally shot Blackthorne in the arm and this newly damned Ghost Rider’s tried to scare Frank with his power or status.

Can the Punisher beat Captain America?

1 Can’t Beat: Captain America Though many may not expect it, Punisher is actually a huge fan of Captain America. … Instead of fighting back though, Punisher just stood there and let Cap hit him. When Cap asked why he wasn’t fighting back, Punisher simply explained that he would never fight against Captain America.

Is Frank Castle a psychopath?

So yeah, Frank ‘s not a psychopath at all! He clearly shows signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) though.

Is Frank Castle evil?

Punisher is not a hero or antihero. He is a mixture. He was very kind man, but after the death of his family he chooses the revenge in different way-slaughtering criminals. So, he has not done something bad to be named antihero, or something good to be named hero.

Did Netflix cancel Punisher?

“The Punisher” has been canceled after its second season, and the upcoming third season of “Jessica Jones” will be its last, Netflix confirmed on Monday. The announcement comes after Netflix gave the ax to its other Marvel series: “Daredevil,” “Iron First,” and “Luke Cage.”