How Do You Do 7 Divided By 8?

How do you write 7/12 as a decimal?

Explanation: So to convert 712 into a decimal, you divide 7 by 12 which gives us 0.583333333 ..

What is 7 divided by 8 as a fraction?

78 is 7 divided by 8, which equals 0.875. So an equivalent fraction is another fraction that also equals 0.875. To find this fraction, just take any number and multiply both the numerator and denominator by this number. 7×28×2 equals 1416 because it too equals 0.875.

How do you do Division step by step?

The steps are more or less the same, except for one new addition:Divide the tens column dividend by the divisor.Multiply the divisor by the quotient in the tens place column.Subtract the product from the divisor.Bring down the dividend in the ones column and repeat.

What is 7/8 in a decimal?

0.8757/8 as a decimal is 0.875.

Is 7/8 a terminating or repeating decimal?

1 Expert Answer To do this without a calculator, divide 7 by 8 longhand. Alas, I can’t really duplicate this, but the answer is . 875. It does not repeat, it terminates.

What is 7/8 as a percentage?

87.5%Fraction to percent conversion tableFractionPercent5/862.5%6/875%7/887.5%1/911.111111%41 more rows

What is 3 over 7 as a decimal?

How to Write 3/7 as a Decimal?FractionDecimalPercentage4/70.571457.14%3/70.428642.86%2/70.285728.57%3/40.7575%5 more rows

What is 9 over 20 as a decimal?

0.45 is a decimal and 45/100 or 45% is the percentage for 9/20.

How do you write 5 divided by 8?

5 divided by 8 is 0.625.

What divided by what gives you 7?

Therefore, the answer to what divided by 7 equals 7 is 49. You can prove this by taking 49 and dividing it by 7, and you will see that the answer is 7. Tip: For future reference, when you are presented with a problem like “What divided by 7 equals 7?”, all you have to do is multiply the two known numbers together.

How do you turn 7/8 into a decimal?

For example, to convert the fraction 7/8 to a decimal using a calculator, simply perform 7 divided by 8 and press enter. The resulting decimal would be 0.875.

What is 7/8 as a decimal and percent?

87.5%Common Fractions with Decimal and Percent EquivalentsFractionDecimalPercent1/80.12512.5%3/80.37537.5%5/80.62562.5%7/80.87587.5%21 more rows•Feb 21, 2017