Can You Beat Jump King?

Did xQc beat jump king?

xQc breaks down after finally beating Jump King in front of 50k viewers.

After nearly 50 hours of gameplay, a dozen streams, countless desk slams, and explosions, 5,000 heartbreaking falls, and more than 80,000 individual jumps, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has finally finished Jump King DLC..

How long does jump king take to beat?

The average time played for Jump King is 10 ½ hours.

What is at the top of jump king?

”Tactical Leaping Adventure – Jump King: There is a Smoking Hot Babe at the Top!” is a platforming challenge about struggling upwards in search of the legendary Smoking Hot Babe!

What does the bird do in jump king?

The Bird. The achievements relating to the black bird. – Keep jumping after the bird up until Chapel Perilous, where it will drop the Golden Ring. … – After getting the Golden Ring, jump down to Bargainburg and the Merchant will take it in exchange for the special boots, giving you the achievement.

How many screens are there in jump king?

56 screensComplete all 56 screens of the New Babe+ DLC without a single fall.

Are there checkpoints in jump king?

Jump King is made up of one long vertical stage, and much like Getting Over It, there are no checkpoints to help you get back to where you slipped up. You might perfectly hit 10 jumps to progress up a few screens, but one mistake and you’ll be face down in the dirt, possibly lower than where you started.

What does the snake ring do in jump king?

Snake Ring Effect: You slide on ground (like when you’re on ice). Upon being obtained they unlock “Favour of a Higher Being”. Worn in conjunction with Magic Crown and Giant Boots to get “Deadly Outfit”.

Who made jump king?

NexileUkiyo Publishing LimitedJump King/Developers

How hard is jump king?

Jump King is an excellent experience in soul-crushing difficulty and nightmarishly precise platforming. It’s the type of game that won’t be for many people, but for the small percent that craves this kind of experience, they won’t be disappointed.

Is Jump King harder than getting over it?

Then you have something like Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, where you’re only one false move away from losing everything. With that in mind, Jump King’s gameplay is a lot like Getting Over It, but more methodical and precise. … Jump King is difficult, mostly because of the controls.

Can you walk in jump king?

The thing about Jump King is that it’s immensely bloody hard. Because the Jump King cannot do anything except jump (he cannot walk!), the player constantly needS to ensure their current jump isn’t going to undermine a jump several jumps in the future.

The reason why is, like many games that go viral with Twitch streamers, Jump King is extremely challenging and punishing. It’s the perfect kind of game for having fun with Twitch chat and encourages all manner of interaction.