Are Guardians Immortal?

Do Guardians age?


Risen do not age, therefore Guardians don’t age..

At what age do you no longer need a guardian?

18Guardianship ends if: the child reaches the age of 18; the child marries or enters into a registered partnership before reaching the age of 18; the court decides that someone else should be the child’s guardian, for example because a guardian has died or stated that they no longer want guardianship of the child.

Do guardians lose their memories?

For the ones who are still around, the guardian once resurrected has no memories of the life they lost and the people they left behind. They died and have not been reborn, just replaced. The person who was died and a guardian fights in their place with their body.

How long do guardians live in destiny?

This article is about the defenders of Earth. For the character, see The Guardian….Guardian.GuardiansDistinctions:Light-empowerment Immortality indestructibilityAverage lifespan:Immortal9 more rows

Can guardians die of old age?

They don’t, pretty sure they’re immortal.

Do guardians remember their past?

TL;DR: Guardians don’t remember specific memories, but they remember impressions of memories that had a deep, emotional impact.

Do guardians eat destiny?

Cayde likes spicy ramen from a certain shop in the city (meaning after he became exo and rezzed), so they do eat.

What age do you not need a guardian?

18The child reaches the legal age of majority, typically 18 in most states. A judge determines that a guardianship is no longer necessary or beneficial for the child. The sole purpose of the guardianship was to manage the child’s finances, and the child’s financial assets are exhausted.

How do guardians get their names?

Most Guardians chose a name for themselves after awakening. Exos remember their names. Some however have context a clues to go off of as to who they were.