Pizza Girl identity combines the traditions of old world Italy with modern processes

The traditions of Italian cuisine are celebrated globally and deeply embedded in the regions they hail from. The rainy north is famed for it’s risottos whilst the south is a mecca for lighter, sun-drenched dishes. The identity of each area is formed by it’s food history and now, Caroline D’Amore, is taking her families legacy and bringing it crashing into the twenty-first century.

As the newest generation of the D’Amore family, she has spent 33 years in the families pizza kitchen, creating traditional meals that haven’t changed for decades, but now, Caroline is introducing an organic only range of pasta sauces that bring together the best of her grandmothers cooking with an appreciation for modern tastes.

LA based creative agency, First Love Studio were hired to create the brand identity and initial packaging solutions. Focusing on image treatments, unique typography and series of three, strong colours, First Love crafted a beautifully striking series that captures the families heritage whilst raising the contemporary bar. The results are truly spectacular and will provide a much welcome, independent boost the high-street shelves.

Images © First Love Studio.

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