Own’s satirical look at football and it’s culture

Football is everywhere right now and rightly so. Every four years the World Cup stamps it’s authority on a pre-selected country or countries and begins it’s four week assault on the television schedule. The 2018 edition is currently rocking and rolling in Russia, which looks mighty fine we must say, and with it comes a range of side projects, sub-cultures and interpretations.

Luckily enough we are huge fans of the beautiful game and such occasions allow us to shamefully crank up World in Motion by New Order, squeeze in to vintage shirts, usually a 1966 replica and publicly chant the names of players we’ve never heard of from countries we never knew existed. Through all the commercialism and arm chair cheering a number of projects break through that stick because of their quality, ethos and vision so when the name OWN popped in to our feed we knew we were on to a winner

This London based brand which is driven by satirical view and the culture that surrounds football is incredible. Influenced by British subculture and the values of traditional, DIY fanzines of the late 80’s, OWN foster a graphical approach that allows them to explore the experiences and emotions associated with football fandom and they do it exceedingly well. Their online store is loaded with awesome t-shirts (see below) accessories and printed materials but be quick, they are shifting fast!

Right, it’s time for us to bin the ‘We’re happy to be in the World Cup’ for a slightly more optimistic, “We’re gonna win the thing.”

Visit the Own website and online store here for more brilliant products.

Photography © Own.


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