Creative spotlight: Designer, Oliver Quarter

We love finding new creatives. People who are following their hearts and ignoring their heads for the plight of being expressive. Almost everyone we meet, search for and share dreams of going solo. The aim is always to make their work, work!

Recently we caught up with graphic designer and illustrator, Oliver Quarter. Hailing from the mighty city of Birmingham, Oliver is creating all sorts of ideas that are weaved in his home towns history. From prints and posters to t-shirts and badges, his eclectic selection resonate with the regions iconic names and brands including two, instantly recognisable identities, Rover and Aston Martin which Oliver has mashed up to create Raver and Aston Villa.

But it’s this image that we have fallen head and shoulders for. This collage features bold, bright and fresh colour, imagery and textures. We love it so much that we put it on the cover of our first issue. We cannot wait to see what comes next from Oliver and we will definitely be keeping an eye out for what drops soon.

Visit Oliver’s website here. Follow on Twitter.


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