Nike’s new BeTrue Collection allows you to wear your true colours

We love it when a big brands back good causes, it exposes issues to wider audiences and raises awareness of what needs to be done so it was a real pleasure to see one of Nike’s new releases was designed to stand up for diversity, equality and freedom in the all-new BETRUE Collection, and wear your true colours with pride.

Through the power of sport we can make a true chage. These four releases feature the Nike Air Max 270 BETRUE Men’s Shoe delivers visible air under every step, featuring a rainbow Max Air unit support inclusion of all athletes. The upside-down triangle was used in the ‘80s to promote strength and solidarity and runs through Nike BETRUE Epic React Flyknit’s daring all-black colourway.

Featuring the most advanced Max Air technology yet, the Nike BETRUE Vapormax Plus features the rainbow colour spectrum under every inch of the foot.

Visit the Nike new releases website for the latest drops coming soon.

Photography © Nike


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