Native Studio collaborates with Adam Goss to develop an immersive identity for innovative wedding stylist

We are fortunate enough to be able to dive into exceptional, global creativity every single day. From mind-blowing art in Madrid to fresh-thinking graphics in LA, our world is a melting pot of visual stimulation that’s fired by some of our generations leading lights. Exposure to high-quality work does exactly what we want it to, inspire and influence, not just us but our community.

Not only do we explore and publish our findings, we regularly work with brands that are looking for our input. From independent businesses to larger corporate organisations, our ability to communicate clearly and connect creatives with projects is one we are extremely proud of, so when innovative wedding stylist, Marianne Taviner, approached us we dived right in. As a stylist that creates immersive events Marianne required a new direction for her brand so we took her organic approach and built an identity that connected her processes with nature.

We commissioned young photographer Adam Goss and set about building beautiful landscapes, combining celebratory elements with the subtle textures and tones that were found in Jefferson Gardens, Leamington. The results were outstanding, a celebration of contemporary materials in a traditional setting, a combination of styles Marianne Taviner is renowned for.

Image credit: Adam Goss.

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