Mockingbird Cinema and Kitchen shining brightly within Birmingham’s independent community

Within a world that’s loaded with mega brands and corporate giants a beautiful forest of sparkling, independent jewels shine bright. A new breed of passion heavy people pride themselves on delivering alternative experiences and cultural destinations. Designed on gut feelings and an inner knowledge that their concept will be rewarded by custom, these trail-blazers are transforming the high-streets that are currently imploding.

One such cultural hub that serves it’s community is the Mockingbird Cinema and Kitchen. Based within Birmingham’s iconic Custard Factory, this destination provides consumers with a unique cinematic experience. The wider region of Digbeth is one of the UK’s biggest, creative success stories. Packed full of co-working spaces, creative studios, independent retailers and spectacular events the area has been driven by truly inspirational people, re-purposing what was once a traditional, industrial landscape.

The Mockingbird Cinema and Kitchen screens contemporary films with a hit of classic titles. Set within an intimate, beautiful space, Mockingbird offers a retreat for all ages and before you catch a movie you can dive in to the beautiful, on-site kitchen, where a concise, global menu provides dishes including Chicken Katsu Burger, Three Bean Burrito and Halloumi Fries. Mockingbird is the purest example of why we need more independents, without them and their hard-work our urban areas wouldn’t be as rich, diverse and colourful.

Images © Mockingbird Cinema and Kitchen.

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