MADE Studio raising Russia’s creative bar with beautiful brand designs

The spotlight has been shining brightly on Russia this year. From political fall outs to football euphoria, the worlds largest nation has never been under the magnifying glass as much. As the world’s sporting media reflected the buoyant carnival atmosphere of the World Cup we decided to begin digging for inspirational creativity and boy did we do good.

Based in glorious Moscow, MADE is a design studio that’s loading up the branding gun with beautiful bullets. Ran by Andrew and Veronica, MADE is a creative space that’s developing innovative and bold ideas for brands including Mimigram (below). The mobile printing app, which is aimed at millennial women, was branded to be playful, bright and sophisticated. MADE’s approach embraced the demographics nature and combined bold typography with illustrative graphics, connecting the brand with it’s core users.

We were unsure what we’d find within Russia’s creative scene but we are so happy we dived in.

Images © MADE Studio.

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