London based Studio P+P deliver gorgeously bold identity for contemporary architects, Vita

London’s thriving design scene is continuing it’s incredible trajectory with an abundance of mini agencies and major consultancies serving global brands and brave, independents. These hubs of creativity are pushing boundaries and ripping up the rule book with gusto so, when we heard about Studio P+P and especially their brand identity for Vita Architects we became very, very excited.

Studio P+P are specialist in design and identity for businesses associated with luxury industries including retail, property and art. They are dedicated to reflecting their clients personality in an intelligent and comprehensive way. The project below illustrates this and their processes. Their typography selection compliments the logo form but when combined with their innovative use of print and foil finishes the brand comes alive. This is also transferred to digital via a simple but highlight effective layout that provides viewers with communications that are loaded with clarity and modernity.

Image credit: Studio P+P.

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