Holly Houlton explores the hyper-reality world of clothes combining the exoticism of botanicals and fashion

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a young, creative person grow. Their passion for knowledge and the thirst for experimentation delivers exceptional ideas and conceptual work. These people are the future of our industry and their bold vision is what we will guide the visual tone for decades to come. One such creative is Holly Houlton, a Coventry University photography student who is currently on her Erasmus year in Madrid, Spain.

We have previously shared Holly’s work from past projects but her latest collection is one that shows true craft and a bold eye for texture, tone and context. The following visuals combine the exoticism of botanical plants and flowers with female fashion. They are all designed to represent the hyper-reality world that clothes provide. This gives you the ability to stand out in our noisy world, providing a sense of clarity to your individuality.

Image credit: Holly Houlton.

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