Google Fonts is a space for you to get creative

The world of fonts can be a tricky place to be a member of. Highly unique type comes at a cost and font families can rise up in to the hundreds of pounds so when Google launched their Fonts resource in 2010 we all raised a glass and praised the giant for providing a bank of open-course fonts. After a number of years feeding millions of users daily and billions of viewers over the sites existence Google have updated the site to tie in with their new, design-centric approach.

The interface and aesthetics are so good that we are regularly jumping online to check out not just the fonts but the experience. The ability to test out ideas, download files and copy code directly in to online platforms is incredible. So if you are a graphic designer who is looking for new resources and someone that’s looking to expand their creative skills then this is a place you need to check out.


Visit Google Fonts library resource here and dive in to a new world of digital and print fonts.



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