Spectacular projects deserve beautiful materials, introducing GF Smith

We live in a digital playground, a truly incredible world that’s loaded with wonderful opportunities and the ability to do almost anything via your phone. However, there is the need for tangible, printed products, there always has been and always will be. Newspapers continue to be stocked, marketing campaigns flood our streets and the daily bombardment of fast food leafleting never ceases but are we loosing site of how to communicate? Quantity appears to rule quality.

Printing and paper plays a huge role in our daily processes. Whether it’s internal projects or the pleasure of working with brands that require our support, we truly believe in the ethos of less is more. For some time now we’ve been huge admirers of paper merchants and creative innovators, GF Smith. Started in 1885, the brand based in Hull and London continually produce exciting and ground-breaking concepts that take paper to new heights. At Smith’s, paper isn’t just a substance to clog with ink, the paper is the canvas and it must be treated with respect.

Recently the brand have launched a series that uses recycled coffee cups, creating a textured materials unlike any other. GF Smith are most famed for their Colourplan series which comes in a range of colours which can be ordered to multiple sizes and in a range of weights but it’s their ability to use paper in ways we’ve never seen before, that gets us, fellow creatives and consumers buzzing with delight.

Visit GF Smith online here and explore their world of innovative and beautiful materials.

Images © of GF Smith.

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