Creative spotlight: Photographer, Garry Jones

Music has always had an influence on what I photographed, chasing the opportunities to shoot my favourite DJ’s or bands has given me great drive over the years. I believe if you’re into the music and having a good time like the artists on stage then the photos will project that, there is nothing wrong with dancing around on stage or in the press pit because at the end of the day everyone should be there for a good time.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of photographing the artists from Hospital Records, a label that I have grew up spinning their vinyl at raves in Southampton and Coventry. The artists on the label all have their own unique style ranging from almost coffee shop liquid DnB to a more techy dance-floor style.



Hospital Records run an event that runs globally named ‘Hospitality’ having a huge following and being able to draw the masses to venues everywhere. The latest installment hit Birmingham at the o2 Institute. Given the opportunity I jumped at shooting the event knowing some of the best drum and bass would be dropped that night with head honcho London Elektricty aka Tony Colman taking to the decks, and legendary Dutch trio Noisia bringing the heaviest sounds in the genre.

My style of photography has changed a lot since my first time shooting events; I used to rely heavily on flash now after years of shooting stages and trying to get the most out of the environmental light I solely use low aperture lenses to create a photo that captures the atmosphere. This time round I even tried shooting some polaroid which I had never experimented with at a event but gave some really interesting results that look like they could be a throw back to raves in the 90s.



Hopefully I get to continue documenting this influential and unique Drum and Bass record label from small venues to massive festivals as photographing what your passionate about is what makes me want to pick up my camera.

Garry will be shooting and collaborating with Native more and more moving forward. Keep coming back for the latest events in a new retrospective collection we will be curating throughout 2018.

Photography © Garry Jones.



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